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The concept for Levellr started over a simple ‘what if’ conversation between two brothers.

What if you could get a digital review of your golf swing from a tour golfer? Or what if you could even have a lesson with them? Imagine actually playing a round with them...

The what if game continued for many weeks across every sport imaginable. But could we actually get these type of one-on-one experiences with our sporting heroes? Despite endless google searches, we found no way to bring our ‘what ifs’ to life.

The question then was, if we were to try and make a business that brought our 'what ifs' to life, would athletes actually want to deliver these experiences?

The Athlete economy

And so we embarked on a journey to speak to as many athletes as possible to find out how their world works, their motivations, and what they would want to help fans with (if at all).

We were shocked by how many athletes said they not only were looking for a solution like Levellr, but that they really needed the help to achieve their ambitions:

1. Like most professions, it is only the 0.01% that make ‘silly’ money

We spoke to some top 200 ranked tennis and golf pros who told us of sleeping in cars as they couldn’t afford hotel costs as they hopped from tournament to tournament in search of success. We spoke to Olympians with medals that considered retiring before the next Olympics because they couldn’t continue to look after their family with the lack of funding available. Our assumption that all athletes get big sponsorship deals was a lazy assumption and far from the truth…

2. Unlike us, most athletes have to start a whole new career in their mid-thirties

Whilst you and I might spend 40+ years working in one industry, the average professional career is only 10 years. So athletes need to make those years as successful as possible. An astonishing amount go bankrupt within 5 years of retirement (40% of football players), whilst divorce, drink, anxiety and depression are prevalent post career. A lot of athletes were not only looking, but needed to find a new way to use their skills.

3. What about the lucky few?

There was one consistent theme across athletes current and retired that have been fortunate enough to create financial freedom; a real desire to use their platform, fan following and skills to help others, whether that be through charity, or helping people to improve, to level up.

Building a platform for ‘dedicated’ athletes to level with their fans

The lessons we learnt speaking to athletes set us on a mission to build a platform for them.

Our Mission:

Create meaningful athlete led experiences that a fan still talks about in a decade from now.

Not every athlete feels comfortable doing personalised shout out videos. Not every athlete has time to do in-person experiences. Not every athlete wants to coach. But every athlete we spoke to had something they were passionate about helping others with. And so, we built a platform built for them, one in which every level offered is created by the athlete themselves.

The Athlete economy

The athlete economy is here, and on Levellr, it is an economy built on many of the same values sport is: connection, improvement, self-determination, respect, and responsibility.

Whether you are an athlete that connects with the story above, or a fan looking for world-class experiences, welcome to Levellr.

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