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Why is Levellr different?

Social media promised real connection with fans, but is closer to ‘broadcast’ media, one (you) speaking to many (your fans). The lack of direct engagement, and unfulfilled promise of commercial opportunities for most, has led to the creation of smart businesses creating new ways to allow an individual to engage and monetise fans. We look up to companies like Patreon (built for the creative class), and Substack (built for writers) that have helped a very defined group of people create a new revenue stream.

Our passion is sport, and yet we saw no platform that had been built specifically for athletes. So we built Levellr, a platform that allows you to offer fans levels of experiences and connection that you want to offer. Your levels, your price point, your opportunity…

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What has motivated other athletes to sign-up?

We’ve found three very clear motivations for athletes who wanted to join Levellr:

Help me to help
Help me to help
Help me to help

1. Help me help myself

The majority of athletes struggle to make a living, no better example than the plethora of Olympians who have started crowdfunding to get to the next Olympic games to try and achieve their ambition of winning a medal. Levellr allows you to create sustainable, monthly income from your fans through donations and levels of experience they can buy through your profile page

Georgia is using Levellr to help her achieve her ambition of winning a medal at the next Tokyo Olympics

2. Help me help others

Those that have been lucky enough to create financial freedom through sport, often turn their attention to philanthropy and how they can use their success and brand to help others. Levellr allows you to donate a % of earnings of your choice to causes close to your heart, creating recurring revenue to those that need it the most

Sir Andrew Strauss is using Levellr to pass on leadership from his time as England Cricket Captain and raise money for the Ruth Strauss Foundation in the process 

3. Help me help you

Athletes, current and retired, reach the levels they do through a range of specialised skills such as fitness, technique, mindset, and leadership. Millions of aspiring, amateur and current athletes and fans look up to you for what you’ve achieved. Levellr allows you to help fans and athletes of all levels to level up by learning from you and your experiences, creating you a new revenue stream in return for meaningful experiences.

Dan is using Levellr to help amateur cyclists push their limits through a shift in mindset

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